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Upcycling is the practice of creating a usable product from something that would otherwise have been thrown away, recycled, lost in storage or abandoned by adding value to it. 

Upcycling can involve repurposing and reusing, refreshing and reviving or creating and re-creating. When you upcycle, you remove items from the global garbage stream.

At UPCYCLED by Michal, I upcycle glass bottles into planters, candles and more. All the materials I use are eco friendly. 

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Born and raised in Israel, I spent the last six years in Taipei, Shanghai and now Hong Kong with my family. 

Caring about the environment is something I hold dear since I was a young university student. When I became a mother I felt the need to do even more in order to secure sustainable future for my daughter.

More than ten years I have been refurbishing furniture and engaging in different areas of crafting. Once we moved to Shanghai I have decided to combine those two areas of interest into one and founded ‘UPCYCLED by Michal’. I bought a glass cutter and started to cut bottles. It was not easy, many cuts and broken glass passed through my hands but I fell in love. 

After a long break due to COVID-19 pandemic I am now bringing my upcycled bottles to Hong Kong. 

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